Frequently Asked Questions

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Extraction Questions

All types. Vegetable Oil, Lard etc.

The first consideration is the amount of space within the kitchen. The second consideration is the number of fryers and the frequency that you change the oil. The more often you drain the fryer, the quicker you will fill the tank.

Perhaps. The GB requires a truck with a Vacuum or Pump capability. Most metropolitan areas have Service Company providers that operate these type trucks. If not, we will assist you in finding a company that can service your needs.

The large swivel casters are specially designed to allow for a person of average weight/build to move the GB.

Filtration Questions

A minimum of once per day, but twice daily is ideal. Remember that filtration helps keep clean oil clean, it doesn't make bad oil clean.

For a 50 lb. fryer, it takes approximately 2-3 minutes to empty, 1 to 2 minutes to clean the fryer and then about 2-3 minutes to return the oil to the fryer. So, the entire cycle takes about six to eight minutes per fryer.

No, just make sure the fryer is turned off prior to filtering so the heating elements do not overheat when the oil is evacuated.

The pads need to be changed daily.

When the color of the oil is dark. We supply a Oil test kit with dropper so you can determine when the oil is past its prime.

GBS will supply and invoice a carton of 30 pads on a monthly basis.

The paper filter really strains the oil, it removes loose particulates up to 75 microns. The AFS system filters the oil to less than 1 micron. Although paper filtration helps, the AFS will maintain oil quality much longer. This level of filtration removes the primary impurities that cause the oil to lose quality.