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  GreaseBuster Grease Extraction Machine

GreaseBuster Cooking Oil Extraction MachineThe GB is a portable, self-contained hot cooking oil extraction machine designed for one person to safely and quickly extract hot oil from fryolators for temporary storage. There are two models available - a 75 gallon and a 110 gallon unit - both of which roll on large locking casters. The GB is emptied via a quick-connect
adapter which your collection company attaches to their pump truck for extraction.

Eliminates potential for burns while manually draining and transporting hot used cooking oil to outside containers. Eliminates potential for
slips and falls from spillage. Workers' Compensation claims reduced because of increased safety.

Outdoor used cooking oil containers are unsightly, smelly, and present a poor image to your customers. Eliminate stains from spills in the kitchen. Spills attract pests and pose a health and safety risk.

Requires no building modifications or special plumbing. No internal or external plumbing is required. Other disposal products require a pipe connected to the fryers for oil drainage. Piping is expensive to install and prone to clogging thereby causing downtime and repair expense. Provides flexibility to rearrange the kitchen for better efficiency.

Hot cooking oil is extracted from a 50 lb. fryer in 45 seconds. There is no fryer downtime or need to allow the oil to cool. Simply rolling the GB into place reduces the process of transporting and "heaving" the hot cooking oil into an outside container. Improves Morale: Manually draining, transporting and heaving the hot cooking oil is a smelly/dirty job no one likes to do. Employees have higher morale with these duties eliminated and higher morale
translates into less employee turnover.

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