GreaseBuster Solutions is a privately-held family-owned business in operation since 2001. We are dedicated to providing more efficient and safer methods of managing used hot cooking oil for commercial fryers. Accept no imitation!



Every great organization holds to a set of core beliefs that are shared by its ownership, employees, and clients. Over the years, GreaseBuster Solutions has established these values, which serve as our guiding principles.

  • Relationships - Our commitment to long term relationships guides everything we do.

  • Quality - Every unit we manufacture is crafted with the highest quality components that technology has to offer. We do not cut corners by using cheaper inferior components.

  • Warranty - We take pride in standing behind our quality. Our warranty policy is unparalleled in the industry. Accept no imitation or knockoff. Do not run the risk of buyer's remorse!

  • Communication - We believe constant communication is critical. We use frequent communication to offer hints and tips to keep your equipment running in top shape.






"The benefits of the GreaseBuster are tremendous: no more unsightly and odor ridden grease barrels at our facility, no more accidental grease spills, a major reduction in pest attraction, labor savings, increased employee satisfaction, reduced chance of employee injury and reduction in down time when grease is changed in fryers. The removal process has been easy and painless. Besides making the employee's jobs easier, it has also made my life easier in regards to fryer grease removal and storage.

Chad S. Martin, Director of Engineering |The Westin Stonebriar Resort


"Because of our GreaseBuster, life for our kitchen employees has become easier and safer. We no longer have to carry pots (of grease), we just roll the GreaseBuster and we don't worry about accidentally spilling or getting hot grease on our employees. Thank you for such a wonderful product and I would strongly recommend it to anyone."

J. Dean Sifuentes, Staff Analyst/Facility Services | Allstate Insurance


"The GreaseBuster is very user friendly and safe. Our chefs love it! It now takes one-third of the time to drain and clean the fryers. The chefs don't have to go outside at night to dump the grease anymore which is another safety/security issue every restaurant deals with.The outside area of the restaurant stays cleaner because we're not carrying out hot grease to dump. Plus the nasty grease barrels are gone and so are my medical bills that have come from cleaning and dumping grease the old fashion way. I recommend the product highly. You're a very service-oriented company and that shows."

Christopher J. Simmons, General Manager | Kirby's Steakhouse